6th ReX&GG 2016

6th International Conference on recrystallization and grain growth

17.-21. July 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Der SFB war mit folgenden Beiträgen vertreten:

B4: Yanushkevich, Z.; Belyakov, A.;Kaibyshev, R.; Haase, C.; Molodov, D.A.: Deformation and recrystallization textures in a high-Mn steel subjected to large strain cold rolling. Proceedings P. 147-152

B4: Haase, C.; Kühbach, M.; Barrales-Mora, A.; Wong, S.-L.; Roters, F.; Molodov, D.A.; Gottstein, G.: Experiments and Simulations of Recrystallization Behaviour of a Coldrolled Fe-28Mn-0.28C TWIP Steel