HMnS 2016

3. Conference on High Manganese Steels Conference 2016, Chengdu, China

16.-18. November 2016

SFB: Bleck, W.: Control of the Mechanical Behaviour of High Mn Steels by Extrinsic and Intrinsic Parameters.

TP A2: Hickel, T.: Ab Initio Simulation of Segregation to Planar Defects in High Manganese Steels.

TP A5: Bleck, W.; Song, W.: Nano-sized intermetallic kappa phase strengthening in Al-alloyed steels for automotive applications.

TP B1: Steenken, B.: Influence of the Manganese Content on the Hot Ductility Behaviour of high Mn Steels within the system Fe-Mn-C.

TP B2: Quadfasel, A.: Investigation of Springback of High Manganese TWIP-Steels Using Three-Point-Bending.

TP B4: Berrenberg, F.: Influence of reversion annealing on the mechanical properties of high Manganese TRIP/TWIP steels.

TP B6: Haupt, M: Investigation of a Production Route for Medium Manganese High Strength Steels Based on Twin-Roll Strip Casting.

TP C6:
Guo, X.:Hydrogen effects on the microstructure evolution of high manganese steel during tensile deformation.
Madivala, M.: Modelling of damage and failure in high Mn TWIP Steels.

TP C10:
Ponge, D.: Austenite Reversion in Medium Manganese Steels.
Ponge, D.: Segregation and Austenite Reversion at Dislocations in a Binary Fe-9%Mn Steel Studied by Correlative TEM-atom Probe Tomography.

TP T3: Wesselmecking, S.: Bake-Hardening behaviour of high manganese TWIP steels: Potential and limitations.