MSE 2014

23.-25. September 2014; Darmstadt, Deutschland

Der SFB war bei der MSE 2014 mit verschiedenen Beiträgen im Symposium B04: Advanced Steels for Structural Applications vertreten:

TP A7: Roters, F.: Crystal Plasticity Implementation of an Advanced Constitutive Model Including Twinning for High Manganese Steel (Highlight Lecture)

TP B2: Güvenc, O.: Evaluation of the Energy Absorption Capacity of Two High Manganese Steels by Dymamic Crash Tests.

TP B4: Haase, C.: Tailoring the Mechanical Porperties of a Twinning Induced Plasticity Steel by Retention of Deformation Twins During Heat Treatment.

TP C2: Ingendahl, T.: Surface Evolution of High Manganese TWIP Steels under Uniaxial Load Using Confocal Microscopy.
Song, W.: In-Situ High Energy Synchrotron X-Ray Investigation on Strain Hardening Behaviours in Advanced High Strength steels.

TPC6: Madivala, M.: Formability Prediction of Advanced High Strength Steel Sheets Using Crystal Plasticity Based Model.