MRS Fall Meeting 2010

29. November - 3. Dezember 2010; Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Der SFB 761 war in Symposium O: 'New Methods in Steel Design -- Steel Ab Initio' mit folgenden Beiträgen vertreten:

Teilprojekt A2: Prof. Dr. J. Neugebauer: Ab-initio Based Modeling of Novel High-strength Steels: From a predictive Thermodynamic Description to Tailored Mechanical Properties

Teilprojekt A7: Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Raabe, Dr. F. Roters, D. Steinmetz (MPIE): Modeling the hardening behavior of TWIP steels; A statistical dislocation density-based approach LINK

Teilprojekt C3: Prof. J.M. Schneider, Ph.D., Dipl.-Ing. S. Reeh, Dipl.-Ing. T. Gebhardt, D. Music, Ph.D. (MCH): A study of the elastic properties of Fe-Mn-C by ab initio calculations and nanoindentation LINK

Teilprojekt C4: Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Raabe, O. Dmitrieva, P.-P. Coi, T. Hickel, N. Tillack, D. Ponge, J. Neugebauer (MPIE): Copper nanoprecipitates in steel studied by atom probe tomography and ab initio based Monte Carlo simulation LINK

Teilprojekt C5: Dr. S. Zaefferer, Dipl.-Ing. T. Jäpel: Residual stress measurement in slightly deformed TWIP steels